The first richness of Australia is space and nature.


Australia "ground of the south" named by the cartographers.
In 1606 the first European (Dutch) William Jansz was the first to be unloaded in the search of spices on the continent.
It is only in 1814 on the proposal of the navigator Mathew Flinders that the continent the ground of the South was called AUSTRALIA.

The Australian ones enjoy to see the ground with Sydney, Melbourne and Ayers Rock in the center heir to a world of pioneers.

Australia was conquered by convicts and immigrants with the the XVIII 2nd century half. Australia was synonymous with voyages towards the unforeseeable one, abundance, the lucky country the ground where each one had its chance.

One owes the order and the reform in Lachlan Macquarie in 1808, the urbanization developped at the points 260 projects planned over eleven years. The undesirable ones were sent in Tasmanie and to Moreton Bay (Brisbane).

In 1820 two coins are struck in Australia to replace "the Hospital Rum" which was the exchange value.

Australia entered in war against Germany with England, in 1915 the battle of Gallipoli to Turkey, eight thousand Australian soldiers perished in the engagements to control the strait of Dardanelles and twenty thousand wounded.
The war lasted two years, from where commemoration each year on April 25 "the ANZAC"

Historical dates

* 1728 - 1779 - James Cook at the summer one of largest the explorers of the history, one of the largest navigator of the South Seas it discovered officially Australia on board his ship Endeavour from where it was failed on the Large coral Barrier vis-a-vis the town of Cooktown. James Cook continued to explore and was killed in 1779 by the natives in Hawaii, it contributed to the art of navigation, the cartography, and developed the food for the scurvy, it was the first to perceive the richnesses of this territory.

*1788 - The English captain Arthur Phillip with a fleet of eleven ships to charge convicts the ships dropped anchor on the south-eastern coast, in Botany Bay (bay of Sydney) on January 19, 1788.
Australia had become a penitentiary colonization of the United Kingdom. With ground, the convicts provided a free labour for public works and agricultural. The approach with the aboriginals were difficult.

* 1808 - William Bligh was named governor of Sydney, it failed in his mission, whose Lachlan Macquarie with which one owes the reforms and put order on this ground the undesirable subjects were off-set in Norfolk Island in Tasmanie.

* 1820 - A plan of urbanization transformed Sydney.

* 1851 - Discovered of a nugget with Bathurst in Galle News of the South, gold revolutionized the history of Australia and beyond, the fever comes from gold.
One discovered money layers, of copper, zinc, more in the south of the country with Coober Pedy the largest layer of opals of the world, reservoir de oil in Queensland, bauxite, tin, the uranium and immense coal reserves.

* 1869 - End of the deportations of English convicts.

* 1880 - Marked by the mining boom.

* 1900 - The Victoria queen of England signs the Constitution. A federation of six States. Its capital will be Canberra (1909).

* 1915 - The sacrifice of Gallipoli (Turkey), April 25 the ANZAC Day remains in memory for the Australian ones.

* 1942 - Japanese aviation bombards Darwin. In 1941, Australia returns in war against Japan, during the post-war period the government encouraged immigration by paying the voyage by boat, Australia got a future has meadows of five million Europeans. In the Sixties, it becomes the richest country of the world, a mining boom supported the middle class and highest allowed Australian standard of living of the world.

* 1956 - Olympic Games of Melbourne.

* 1965 - Australia engaged with the Americans in the war of Vietnam.

* 1966 - The racial barriers fell and the door was opened with Asian immigration.

* 1967 - Referendum, the aboriginals receive Australian nationality

* 1973 - Australia sees the United Kingdom sunken in the European Community

* 1976 - Aboriginal Land Rights Act restores part of the grounds to the Aboriginals.

* 1992 - Rebirth of the indigenous people.

* 2000 - Olympic Games Sydney 2000. I was there with 5 days of delay causes accident!.. (see Darwin report)…