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                               Departure or raid Darling Harbour                   

  The Opera House, one of the symbols of the city of Sydney, gives directly onto the bay, like an ocean queen sails to the wind, welcoming all those arriving by sea.
Four theaters, various restaurants, bars, an art gallery specialized in Aboriginal art, and a library in which one is never bored.





     Then on to Fort Denison, in the very middle of the bay's calmest waters.
Look! The Bounty! She seems to be racing a three master.
And lot's more.
 It was used as an open-air prison before being turned into a fort in the 1850s.
There was a time when Sydney was synonymous with prisons, only less than
200 years ago.

night Sydney

  The futuristic AMP Tower Centrepoint which dominates all the city. And if you decide to dine where the is a "moveable feast", a restaurant on conveyor belt, for the entire meal you wil feel like you've gone miles. An extraordinary view on the totality of the city and its bay.
From the top of its 305m, AMP Tower's turret is held in place by 56 cables, each weighing 7 tonnes. The 2239 tonne turret includes a 162 000 litre water-tank that acts as a counter balance to wind gust.


•  The imposing viaduct, Bridge CLIMB Coastal view of Bondi Beach, where the surfera outshine each other in feats of balance and audacity, and surfing is the national sport. The bridge is 134 metres high, 502 metres long, 48,8 metres wide and weighs 52 800 tonnes. It was constructed vetween 1923 and 1932.
Harbour Cruises, explore the delights of the harbour foreshores or enjoy the stunning  ocean and headland views on voyage to Middle Harbour.

  The Rocks village, Shopping - Restaurants - Entertainment
specialty shops such as Opal Fields and The Australian Wine Centre.
A Backdrop of Historic.

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  Magnificent beaches, beautiful bushland, historic sites.
Sydney Harbour Parramatta, is a thriving city that has thankfully preserved many of its earliest buildings, parks and monuments.

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  Visiting Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park
at Homebush Bay still creates plenty of the Games' atmosphere. And as Sydney's major sporting venue, with an increasing range of restaurants, bars and entertainment options, it has plenty to offer year round.

•   In 1903, manly Beach was one of the first in Sydney to permit daylight swimming.
Manly It's a delightful voyage to one of Sydney's most popular playgrounds: you'll find fabulous restaurants, sidewalk cafes, great shops, a magnificent ocean beach,the surf beach.