After crossing the city of  Sydney on bike, on New Year's Eve, I can assure you that it's SUPER! Bicycling around Sydney is a "veritable sport".
Be careful of the traffic, stopping buses, although it's better to drive in the bus and taxi lane, because if you zigzag through the zoo of cars, pedestrians, and other tourists like I do, it gets pretty crowded and crazy.


 In Balmain / Sydney.
Certain arrived early on the morning of the 31st of December just as the sun began to rise, to set up camp until midnight. Bonfires, camping tents blankets, chairs, and not forgetting the beer, the Australian's favorite drink, and of course, the picnics. The crowd was assembled everywhere that was conceivably accessible, unauthorized camping anywhere where it was possible to set up. What wouldn't one do to see the fireworks, rigorously elaborated, like some kind of music hall pyrotechnical choreography to turn the corner of the New Year 2000.


The Millennium

00h 01 Sydney puts fire to teh year 2000

20 tons of rockets on Harbour Bridge,
a fire of artifice
the will last 30 minutes.

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