Coffs Harbour -   Ballina
The city is divided by the Richmond
River and the Creek.
  The information centre - Ph:(02) 6686 3484.

Ballina's beautiful beaches.
From Coffs Harbour to Ballina, the Tourst Drive will bring you to the region where the Pacific Highway runs in the direction of Grafton and maclean. The landscape here is different, a few hills, then the flatlands, very monotonous.
Or no! The Landscape is really more like the moors sprinkled with small villages.

 The city of  Ballina

Spreading along the long Kingsforth Smith Drive. Any number of shops, pubs where every evening one can find music that gives a real atmosphere with guitars and bands, and never a dull moment.

From the other side of the Missingham bridge, where the beaches begin, take the map of Ballina and discovvery the points of interest by bike or by foot. Search out adventure and be surprised by the unusual! All the while going north you'Il find beaches as far as the eye can see.

•  Take the Cycle Maps by Bike Safe to make the climb to Byron Bay, the road sur surfacing is better and the diversity of the landscape more dramatic here.

 Ballina Airport
Daily jet services from Sydney
...your gateway to Byron Bay.




Ballina Travellers Lodge
 Is a good, modern YHA hostel - Ph:(02) 6686 6737.



Thursday Plantation..


Ph:(02) 6686 7273.

  Discocer the famous Australian MACADAMIA nuts. You do know what they are? like small fruit with a taste of hazel nuts rich in vitamins, they are exported all over the world.
Pacific Highway History For anything up to 40,000 years, the Australian abotigines have been harvesting the plant for a variety of medicines. One historial method is boiling of the leaves with ashes to stop the sting and poison of catfish barb wounds. To relieve congestion, they inhaled vapours from crushed leaf. The scientific discovery of the plant's virtues did not happen until 1923. A state government chemist, Arthur Penfold tested the oil of the tea tree and determined its antiseptic action was about 12 times stronger than the widelyused carbolic acid. Extensive clinical trials with medical and dental colleagues in london and Sydney led to glowing reports in the distinguished journals of the day. During World War 2, tea tree oil was in the first aid kit of Australian soldiers as a one-stop antiseptic shop...

The Tea Tree, tree or bush? Very dense and oerfumed, the tea tree was discovered hundreds of years ago by the Aboriginal peoples. They discovered its many medicinal qualities. If you rub the needles of the tea tree between the hands, they give off a strong and lasting odor. It's with these needles and a secret recipe that many pharmaceutical products are manufactured and exported all over the world. Pure essential oil, antiseptic solutions, various skin preparations and the famous Tea Tree Soap to prevent insect bites while traveling, the tea tree soap acts like an insect repellent.
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