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Welcome to Cape Byron Headland Reserve

  The Cape Byron lighthoude stands 22 metres high, perched 94 metres above sea level on the crest of a windswept headland. The lighthouse was built in 1901 (from pre-cast concrete blocks) to reduce shipping hazards along a dangerous stretch of the coast.

Feel like getting away from it all and finding some natural settings? Go to cape Byron, direction Main Beach, follow the beach to the right just after Watego's beach to see the surfers in action.

The observation point of Wategos Beach, behind this islet, where! can notice, in the roll of the waves, the surfers awaiting their waves. After having admired their amazing prowess, l start to cross National Park, with its relatively surprising plant life, that enchants and refreshes. At the end of this path l take a right towards the cliffs and there, where l discovers an unexpected view of waves of an incredible force and violence crashing against the rocks, realizing it's definitely not the Mediterranean Sea here.
Expect to surf at the worlds most
beautiful beaches.

Cape Byron Reserve

f you're patient in regarding the ocean, you'll notice from a distance the dophins, the sting rays, and during the period between August and October you can sight whales migrating up the coast.

•  Cape Byron is a national park with numerous marine mammals where one can also discover all the plant and wildlife plus its historic past and European history.

•  Naturaly beauty
Cape Byron is 3km from the Byron Bay post office on New south Wales' Far North Coast, by road 71km south of the Queensland border.

•  Heritage et Education Aboriginal heritage is not a thing of the past.
Members of the Arakwal clan, who are the Aboriginal custodians of the Byron Bay area, take an active role preserve traditional sites and retain cultural values, palm Valley for example, is the site of the oldest midden in the region. Aborigines camped and ate pipis, fish and animals here for more than a 1000 years.

Manta Ray
Loggerhead Turtle
Bottlenose Dolphin
Humpback Whale

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