Welcome to
              Australia's mast easterly point, beautiful beaches and
              close proximity to rainforests.


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From Ballina take the bicycle path for 6km direction Byron. Take the Scenic Drive which will lead you all the way to Byron Bay along the coast.
The road is rolling and pleasant, with little traffic, which is very agreeaable. Go through Lennox Head and Broken Head. Always such beautiful landscapes to discover, (l need a sponsor for the photos!) this day is perfect for photo taking.
My eyes dont't know which way to look, pondering the ocean, just image after image waiting to be painted.
Is this perhaps the "Dreamtime"? l pick up "Scotty" and GO!... Byron

A bohemian or even mythic kind of place in the tones of the 60's (à la Woodstock), here you can get the exclusive batik T-shirt custom made and to your taste. One thing is sure, stress is an un known quantity here, so relax Max! You're in Byron.
An obligatory visit for all people who are touring through Australia.

Byron is renown! Byron has an author's success and numerous open-air concerts are organized on weekends. But above all Byron is the surfers' Mecca.  
The Main Beach parking lot is full of buses equipped for free spirited traveling and surfing.

The city has developed to cater to backpackers and Internet cafes, with numerous restaurants of every ethnicity, night clubs, art galleries, sculpture, pottery, ceramics, painting and antiques.



J's Bay
- Hostel Backpackers

Of all backpackers staying in Byron Bay, quite simply because it has been constructed in such an ideal and convenient fashion in order to cater to the traveeler's every need.

The welcome is all that could be hoped for and you can get advice about all the different sports activities or hikes and walks you could desire.

 200 metres and shops • 400 metres to main beach 
Courtyards, with heated in-ground pool
Large open kitchen, eck areas •  Double, twin and dormitory accommodation 
There are mountain bike rentals available to discover the city, and the surrounding area by bike, and in the direction of Byron Bay, without of course forgetting this place of magic called Byron!!!
- 7 Carlyle Street, Byron Bay 2481 NSW Australia
Ph:(02) 6685 8853 - 1800 678 195 - Email: jbay@nor.com.au