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The Gold Coast  has a subtropical climate with 300 days of sunshine a year.

Spring: September to November
Summer: December to February
20 -28C
Autumn: March to May   15-25C
Winter: June to August   11-21C

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Summer, from December to February, winter, from June to August. The winters are sunny, dry and hot without forgetting the mousons.
"Beautiful Queensland" as the Australians call it.

 Ln the beginning, in 1824 , the State of Queensland was a penal colony. This situation would not last long and Brisbane, which was founded on the mouth of the Brisbane River, was declared a free city.

•  Queensland is the 2cd largest state in Australia by its size (1,730,000km2). With the majority of its inhabitants concentrated in the southwest corner where it abuts on the south of New Wales, principally in the area of the city of Brisbane, the state capital, a tourist's paradise.

•  Queensland is composed of chains of magnificent long beaches.
Off the coast and spreading over an area of 2000km.

•  The Great Coral Reefs are strung from south to north across the Gold Coast, the Whitsunday lslands, the fields of sugar cane spreading over hundred's of kilometers, the dry Rainforest, and the desert extending to the ocean in the extreme north. ln the tropical north of Queensland is the city of Cairns, frequented by a great many tourists, and where the 1996 Mountain Bike World Championships took place, in which l participated as Championships Commissioner.
Tourism is the second largest industry in Queensland Quite a number of different airlines, including our sponsor.

•  The Gold Coast's busy domestic airport is located at Coolangatta, a 20-minute drive south of Surfers Paradise.