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 East Coast College of English
Ph:07) 3229 0350 - Fax:(07) 3229 0850
ecce@bit.net.au   -   www.ecce.bit.net.au

  I wish to introduce you to the school where l spent two weeks refreshing my English.
An excellent language school located in the heart of Brisbane.

Activities are offered every Wednesday afternoon in addition to a full day excursion every weekend.
Sporting, Basketball - Day trip to Moreton Island, Horse Riding , Ice skating, Ten Pin Bowling, Tennis, Golf, Skydiving.
Weekend Trips, Experience a 2 day Farmstay, Spend 2 days at the popular beachside town of

Byron Bay, Camp at Moreton Island..... Excellence in education and a nurturing environment, for fun and adventure, for friendships that will last a lifetime...

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The Staff, the most important thing for you to learn is that "E" staff are here to help you.
Always feel free to talk to us and to discuss any problems you may have Try to learn our names as quickly as possible and always say "hello" or "good morning" to greet us.
Please call staff by their first name and treat them as friends.