Fraser  Island's  lakes

      The beautiful lake Wabby is a 45 minute walk, or you can drive a further 2,6km northalong the beach to take a scenic route up to a lookout on the inland side of the lake, this iswell worth doing as the lake seen from the lookout is spectacular.

 Lake Garrawongera is a perched lake.
Peat sandrock and mud bond together to form an impenetrable surface where water collects in depressions between the sand dunes, forming lakes perched well above the water table.
The water is tea-coloured, stained by the tannins from the lakeside plants.
The Garawongers’s sand is known for its remarkable ability to clean jewellery.



Lake McKenzie is unbelievably clear. Known as a "window" lake, the water is part of the water table, and so has not flowed over land. It's awildly disoorienting experience to snorkel here, to look down through a face mask and then suddenly have zhe bottom drop away to a depth of 15m and yet still visible.

•  There are more that 300 species of native animals living on Fraser Island. Some of these include the Ground Parrot and giant burrowing Cockroach. Turtles, freshwater fish and acid frogs live in the lakes while.
Sea Turtles, Dugong, Dolphins and migrating Humpback Wading are found in the surrounding waters.