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   The Maheno a 5323 tonne triple-screw steamer, was launched in Scotland in 1905 and served as a hospital ship in World War 1 and was used as a trans-Tasman liner until demand declined in the 1930's.
The ship was sold to Japan for scrap metal during the depression.
The Maheno was wrecked during an unseasonal cyclone on 9 th July 1935 while being towed to Japan and has since been used for bombing practice in World 2 and was host to a wedding a number of years later.

Tee Maheno Shipwreck is slowy breaking up under the assault of the waves and sait water and the remains of the ship are now a major tourist attraction of the Eastern Beach between Eli Creek and the Coloured Sands.


•  The Cathedrals and Pinnacles along the Eastern Beach of Fraser Island are exposed by erosion.
Iron Oxides have been released into the sands during their long history, painting the sand with a rich variety of reds, browns, ochre's and pastels.

  Eli Creek is the largest flowing creek flowing creek to Fraser Islandís East, with 80 million litres of fresh water flowing from the creek into the ocean per day.



•  Yidney Scrub Rainforest is home to 200 year old Kauri Pines and other softwoods including Hoop Pines and Cypress trees. The last of the "Virgin" rainforests on Fraser Island, it remains to this day untouched by the Logging Industry. satinay, Brush Box and piccabeen palms also make up much of the rainforest which is home Logging Industry. Satinay, Brush Box and piccabeen palms also make up much of the rainforest which is home to rare and ancient species such as the angiopteris fern, which has the largest fern fronds in the world.

  Fraser's vegetation is not made up of only tall forests.
The lowlands are occupied by Wallum Heathlands which consist of Shrublands, Scribbly Gum trees and Wallum Banksia Woodlands are interspersed with well-known hardwoods of Satinay, Brushbox, Blackbutt and Tallowwood.
Fraser Island Satinay has been used in London's Tilbury Dockss and was used for sidings in the Suez Canal.