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Backpackers BY THE BAY
The difference is here! Taking a breakfast every morning beside the pool, all the while contemplating the superb view of one of the bays of Airlie Beach. Clean and extremely nice and friendly, with a great atmosphere, and advice on all the various activities available, from sailing, to diving, to relaxing on Airlie Beach and in the Whitsundays.

Peter, the Fearless Leader, will offer you a bottle of champagne if you win one of his quizzes on music, or general culture, and there are lots of players, because its cocktail hour!
. Contact: Airlie Beach Whitsunday
Peter & Carolyn Upton
12 Hermitage Drive, Airlie Beach Qld. 4802
Ph/Fax: (07) 4946 7267. Email:

Possum this little rodent, a regular in the backpackers, comes to check out whether there are a few crumbs or a bit of bread, and doesn't seem a bit frightened when he sees me.
Beaches Backpackers
. Airlie Beach
- Toll Free 1800 636 630 - Ph:(07) 4946 6244
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Or " Learn to Dive "
Oceania's professional dive management team you will dive the pristine waters and unspoilt coral of reef groups including Elizabeth Reef and Stucco Reef for your most memorable diving experience.

Picture Yourself Diving the Coral Sea

Ph:(07) 4946 6032 - Enquiries 1800 075 035.


Hog's Breath

WILDLIFE PARK - Airlie Beach
Ph:49 452 377 - Australia's Leading Fauna Park
DAILY SHOWS - Educational & Entertaining
Snake show - wildlife Show - Crocodile Feeding - Koala
Show - Reptiles Habitats - Emus - Dingoes....

Kayak Safari Choose from many deserted island camping locations...
Drops you right at the beach of your choice.
Ph:(07) 4946 5255.

The Whitsunday Sailing Club as the organizing authority, invites owners of suitably found yachts over 7 metres in length to apply for entry in the Hog's Breath 11th Annual Race Week 2000.
Contact: Hog's Breath Sports: Ph:(07)4946 5444


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