•  From Bundaberg to Rockhampton via Gladstone, no other choice but to take the Bruce Highway, direction Gladstone, and after having passed Bororen, you can make a stop on the coast at Turkey Beach, found at 29km from the Bruce Highway.

Only a few miles from Fraser Island, to the south of Curtis Island, two islands that are beautiful not overly visited, pass Gladstone direction Rockhampton, the road is wide and very pleasant to travel on by bike.

As soon as you’ve gone passed Mont Larcom towards Bajool, a road will take you to Port Alma, where one finds two other islands, close to the coast, Balaclaya Island, and Casvarina Island. When you arrive at the huge roundabout of Rockhampton, take a right direction centre, and stop awhile in the city of Rockhampton.

After various visits to sites of interests, take direction Yeppon, which is on the coast, and embark for the Great Keppel Islands, situated 14km from the coast.

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•  Gladstone is an export port that centralizes agricultural products, minerals, and coal extracted from the interior of the state of Queensland.
As well as the bauxite from the Welpa mines in the north, which is transformed into aluminum.

•   Gladstone is the departure point for .. Heron Island
The coral shoal of 17 hectares is made from a southern seas island. Ideal for diving.