Rockhampton   (Rocky)
The city called Rocky

   Is situated on the Tropic of Capricorn,
intersection for the trip to Cairns, as well as to rejoin the Great Keppel Islands, via Yeppon.

•  Rockhampton, the Australian beef capital, where beef is the main industry, after having had its famous gold rush period. Around Mount Morgan are found various mines that are no longer in use, but that can be visited.

•  Rockhampton, divided by the Fitzroy River and on Quay Street, harbors numerous buildings that exemplify the Victorian architecture found in Australia, with expressed in its magnificent facades.

•  Near Rockhampton one finds the interesting calcium grottos in the nearby Rainforest, really a fascinating landscape.
The Caves


•  Great! Keppel Island
Located 48 km north-east of Rockhampton, offers white sandy beacges and unspoiled tropical island scenery.
It is an island of fun and action and visitors can enjoy a wide range of sports and activities.
Transfers to Great Keppel Island are by plane from Rockhampton or launch from Rosslyn Bay near Yeppoon. Or ferry - Keppel Bay Marina - Rossiyn Bay
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 Great Keppel Island
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