Is 20 minutes from Townsville by regular fast cat ferries. -
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Located between Townsville and Cooktown, these are much closer to the coast than other islands, and include.
Magnetic, Orpheus, Hinchinbrook, Dunk, Fitzroy, Green and Lizard.
(R) Visits

The Magnetic Island, 52 km2 consists of a national park covering half its surface and a bird preserve. The isle is surrounded by the Marines National Park of the Great Barrier Reef, and the remainder consists of zones of wetlands with a plant life which is different from the other parts of the island.
The isle is circled by the enormous rock formations, and 22 bays, not all accessible
Was discovered by Captain Cook in 1770 and he gave his name to the highest summit, the Mount Cook (498m). The isle shelters an imposing choice of vegetation, rare birds ans superb butterflies.

  A permit is belfore camping in National Parks. No domestic pets are allowed in Parks.
Queensland Department of Environment.
The Ranger - Ph: 077 785 378.
8 km, 2.5 hours    Picnic Bay This is the place the ferry launches from. The village is the biggest, and boutiques and restaurants are to be found in the mall
5 km, 2.5 hours  Nelly Bay In the northeast, where along the beach, several boutiques are grouped including a supermarket.

  Geoffrey Bay and Ima Bay Spread over the Arcadia which groups various building complexes and a pool open to the are little bays accessible by a path that goes across the national park from "the Fort" where you will find a eucalyptus forest and can meet some koalas.

  West Point Commencing behind this track (inreality a bush road) takes you past a tidal wetland or mangrove forest. At low tide animals such as wading birds, mud skippers, mangrove snails and fiddler crabs can be seen, patticularly in the Cockle Bay area.

  Horseshoe Bay (R).  A few hundred metres from, Horseshoe Bay Beach, off the main road, is a short track to Horseshoe Bay lagon   Accommodation (R)

  Arthur bay and Florence Bay are little bays accessible by a path goes across the national from "The Fort" where you will flind a eucalytus forest aand can meet some koalas. Be patient aand observe with attention in the trees where they are already watching you.

The "Fort" offers various lovely sights like views of the bays, the wildlife and the vegetation, so dont't forget your camera or video camera.