Mission Beach

The itinerary from Cardwell to Mission Beach via Tully.
The road is pleasant, surrounded by sugar cane plantations in flower, banana plantations, and you can take.

You can get information on the various footpaths and hiking trails going through the rainforest, like Licvala Track, Lacey Creek, or Bicton Hill.

  Rainforest                Casoars
Highway all the way to Tully. A few kilometers to the north there is a turnoff for Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, after a following a footpath circuit of about 20km through the rainforest, a very mysterious tropical forest with unusual plant and animal life.
I ran across several snakes and pythons, crushed along the road, small rodents and mosquitoes.
All along the road are signposts warning of"Casoars", big birds about the size of ostriches with great lumps on their heads.

Here is where you’ll find a supermarket and many shops and food possibilities, plus an Internet café.
Everything you could need.

The city of Mission Beach, grouping together several villages which extend along a long beach which follow the bay comprise South Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, and Garners Beach.

• Departure jetty or Dunk Island

  Paronella Park
Campsites, dorms, twins & doubles availables.

Ph/Fax:(07) 4068 7139

    • The Hotel & surrounding rainforest are stunning;staff are friendly & the atmosphere is awesome.


 Follow the coast of Mission Beach towards El-Arish, go through the junction for Gardens Beach and continue on the main road which starts to become a graveled road, (the road is being rebuilt). The landscape is superb, after the rainforest, here we are in the hills, where cattle and banana plantations are interspersed. Continue on in the direction of Cairns by taking the Bruce Highway. Numerous sites of interest are proposed on the way, national park, caves the Forest Waterfalls.