Townsville - known as the "Capital of North Queensland" relaxed charm that belies its lively and dynamic nature

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•  Climate:
Winter: temperature average 13 degrees at night. Up to 26 degrees Celsius during the day.
Summer: temperatures average 23 to 31 degrees Celsius.



Townsville the sun capital, approximately 300 days of sun per year, if the rains and the cyclones donít appear. A city with a major port, the most beautiful of all the tropical cities of Northern Australia.

•  Townsville, a historical city due to its past role in the gold rush of around 1870, with it tropico-colonial architecture. Really stunning. Founded in 1864 by John Melton Black and his employees of the Woodstock Stations Company.

•  The forth largest city of Queensland, with sumptuous period buildings found all over the city. With its outlying areas, wood houses on stilts, meeting up with the Palmer Street district where the old saloons and the tower surround the traffic round-about.
Grab a map of the city and get some info from the tourist office situated in the Flinders St. Mall.
The city centre is bounded by Ross Creek, and the 290 m  high "Castle Hill" which is a great place from which to discover the lay of the land.

•  Townsville is the access point for Magnetic Island, situated at a distance of about 8km by ferry.

•  The first terminal for the ferry is found in Flinders Street, and the 2cd is at Breakwater and is accessed through an enormous carpark.

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Townsville Highway Information Centre

 (07) 4778 3555

Townsville Mall Information Centre

 (07) 4721 3660

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