The earliest inhabitants, the Djabugay, lived in harmony with the rainforest. There was a good deal of trade between Tableland Rainforest Aborigines and those on the coast. In 1876, John Doyle camped near Kuranda when seeking a route between the Hodgkinson’s Gold Field and the coast. Kuranda was founded 12 years later, and the first train steamed into Kuranda in 1891. 23 men had died building the line. Tourism had its foundation before 1920. Honeymoon couples would stay at one of the hotels and visit (by rowboat) "Fairyland" and "Paradise". An early tourist publication had this to say about Kuranda, "No township in the world has such splendour within its environ no wonder that journalists, authors, artists and poets have tried to express in permanent form the emotions which it has stirred within them" Tjis remains true today. Kuranda Markets first opened in 1978 with 15 stalls. For more information, buy The Kuranda Heritage Trail Map at the Kuranda Visitor Centre.

Skyrail, Tjapukai, Aboriginal
Dance Theatre
RainForest, Hot Air balloning.
 The Tourist Office is found in the Center of
the village on the main square.
Ph:(07) 4093 7593.


Kuranda Scenic Railway

An essential experience for visitors, this unforgettable journey in vintage wooden carriages climbs through 34km of dense tropical foliage in world-heritage listed rainforest. Link up with the modern Skyrail cableway to view the forest from a
contrasting perspective.

•   The Dreamtime Walk provides a comprehensive introduction to Aboriginal and Islander culture and history with practical experiences including boomerang lessons and spear throwing.
Then, in the rainforest amphitheatre witness the dynamic performance of the Pamagirri Dancers.

        Gallery. Art & Artifact Gallery
  Kuranda Rainforest. View restaurant, shop...

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Cairns Boat Hire In the Marlin Marina, behind the Pier complex, find "Cairns Boat Hire", where small motor boats can be hired, without a boating permit, if you would like to discover the lovely wildlife in the rivers and mangrove wetlands of the area, passing by Admiralty Island, Seelee Creek, Moody’s Creek, and returning to Marlin Marina.
A pleasant circuit one can easily accomplish by oneself.