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Accident  Darwin

Accident Stuart Highway
Darwin June 27, 2000 - 2:30 PM

The car’s driver, without respect for the right of way of the intersecting traffic, and seeing me coming clearly, as I was cycling, (and therefore going slowly in comparison with a speeding car), preferred to continue on into the intersection, running into to me and knocking me over, bike, bike trailer and all.
I then took off, accompanied by the car and my bike for a superb slide out of control, and shocked and injured, must simply say that I suppose I was lucky to survive.

Gone off on my bike "Scotty" to check out Darwin and the surrounding area, I was pedaling along Stuart Highway.
At an intersection, a car coming from the right, stuck me, although I had the right of way.

   Police and Ambulance, the official report of the accident My right arm and wrist badly scraped, my entire right leg completely scraped up, including to the quick. Goodbye skin. Ligaments and endons swollen. And any number of points of pain. The morale also was knocked rather low.
   The result:
   • 2 weeks without being able to walk, or to do research for my new reports for this site
   • 2 weeks of physical therapy and training to rehabilitate myself to the movement of my injured leg to the rhythm of pedaling for long distances.
The pain in my leg continued all the way to Leine.
Scotty the professional racing mountain bike Frame and fork intact Right pedal slightly bent Back gear cable broken Special light bike seat slightly scratched
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