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 Transports  Darwin

By air
Darwin has an international airport and domestic flights to Alice Springs and Ayers Rock.
There are two major domestic carriers in Australia - Ansett and Qantas. For information
on flight options.

. QANTAS on 1313113 or
. Ansett on 131300.

Bus offer extensive services to all the major tourist centres but will not take you to some of the more isolated areas.

By rail train
the "GHAN" railway from Adelaide to Alice Springs.

jThe Airport Darwin's busy airport is only about6km from the city centre.
The climate: Two seasons
> the dry" season, from April to September.
> the wet" season, from October to March.

In 1974, on Christmas Eve, the cyclone "Tracy"
with winds up 220 to 280km per hour, hit Darwin
and destroyed part of the city, taking numerous victims with it.
Once again a new challenge confronted Darwin.

• The Asian style monsoon, characterized by a very high humidity, rains, and sometimes cyclones from December to March. During this season storms are frequent, the rain invades the land, already inundated by the bursting rivers. The earth reclaims its rights, and regenerates itself.
Another landscape, a new and surprising world.

With a surface of about 1,346,000km 2 , the Northern Territory is crossed by the legendary Stuart Highway, which extends from Darwin at Kulgera, Mount Cavenagh, the borderline of South Australia, to continue all the way to Port Augusta.
The Stuart Highway got its name from the first white explorer, John Mc Dougall Stuart, who crossed the territory from the south to the north.

"The Top End" 
clik   The Water Buffalo
The Water Buffalo, which originally comes from South East Asia, was introduced to Fort Douglas and Port Essington during the 1820's to 1830's from Dutch Governed Timor. By 1880 there were reports of over 20 ooo spread out over the Cobourg Peninsula. As the late 1970's approached the number of buffalo had reached 250,000,(more than half worlds population) inhabiting an area of 100,ooo square kilometres.

. route mytique   . nt carte
accident - Patrice Terebus Darwin.
visits the Territory

. Website: www.nttc.com.au

Today, Darwin sets the tone in the "City" a frontier city for the many voyagers, mostly young, with a concentration of activity on Mitchell Street, where there are various shops, bars, restaurants, backpackers, and tour operators.

 Darwin and its metropolitan area are divided into several tourist districts, sites of interest, promenades by foot or by bike.

Darwin is equally a port for cultured pearls
of renowned quality the world over.