O When you, you find on the road in bike and that a deaf noise arrives, it is preferable to take its precautions.


The Stuart (Explorer Highway) is now a dual, sealed road all the way from Darwin to Adelaide, some 3,245 km


On this transcontinental called Stuart Highway who unrolls his macadam on 3,245 km of Darwin with Adelaide.

Famous trucks, called "Road train" followed from three to four trailers, drawn by a tractor been driven by an enormous V12 engine with 600cv, eighteen speeds with a consumption of 100 liters to the 100 km, 22 axles and 84 wheels on the ground, sometimes 100 meters of length, a maximum weight of 115 tons, for the cisterns up to
140 000 liters of oil.
To fill tank (some 2000 liters), before swallowing 3000 kilometers of at a stretch.

* The drivers roll day and night, seven days out of seven they are paid per hour, a quite difficult life with the overpowering heat which makes burst the tires


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Darwin - Katherine - Pine Creek - Tennant Creek - Devils Marbles - Alice Springs - King Canyon - Uluru
Coober Pedy - Port Augusta -
Port Pirie - Port Wakefied - Adelaide.