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Direction the Stuart Highway about 350km, take Arnhem Highway for the Kakadu National Park.
A territory rich in flora and fauna that is self-regenarating.
Before arriving in the Kakadu National Park all along the Arnhem Highway certain curiosities are worth the time of a stop-over.

• The name Kakadu is from the Gagudju speaking people, a language used in the northern parts of the area at the beginning of the 20th century. Today however, there are three major languages spoken within the park. These are Gundjeihmi/ Mauali, Kunwinjku and Jawoyn.

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The doors of Kakadu National Park, where treasures of life, flora and fauna, are preciously preserved. A magical territory which attempts to respect the sacred lands of the  Aboriginal.

         •  Arnhem Land

 The shelters, stone tools, grindstones and ochre indicate that Aboriginal people have lived in the vicinity now defined by the National Park in excess of 50,000 years. Aboriginal culture abounds throughout the Park, where some 5000 sites have been recorded.
Then, there is the other display, the flora and fauna.
More than a third of the Top End's plant life is represented through the 1,600 plant species, along with 275 bird species, reptile families totalling 75,25 species of frogs and it is estimated that the park hosts an amazing 10,000 species of insects.

Aboriginal culture

 Spiritual  Music
of  the  Aboriginal

  Aboriginal culture To speak of Aboriginal art is not to spak of one tradition or culture: indigenous Australia is made up of a wide variety of cultural practices, spiritual beliefs and ceremonies, social structures and languages. Each tradition of Aboriginal art represents a distinct visual language,with its own vocabulary of icons and symbols.

  The Arnhem Land
An Aboriginal Culture Tour in Arnhem.
Arnhern land is Aboriginal land - a unique
area where Aboriginal people live a lifestyle mare closely linked to their true culture and heritage.

From the rock art styles of their predecessors, local Aboriginal artists continue to maintain this tradition in the form of painting and fibre craft.




Welcome to Jabiru.
Nestled near the spectacular Arnhem escarpment, Jaribu is the perfect base for exploring the world renowned Kakadu national park.

The Commonwealth Government leased the area to the Jabiru Town Development Authority to construct a town for the workers and families of three proposed uranium mines (Ranger Jbiluka and Koongarra) Indeed the town and the nearby mine leases were proclaimed before the park was established.
   Jabiru modelled on suburban Canberra, was completed in 1982 with responsibility for administration and municipal services passing th the Jabirau Town Council.

  Specialises in authentic Aboriginal - Jabiru.

Art, books, quality garments, and select souvenir items, and crafs and printed textiles reflecting this rich culture unique to the Top End.

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 Jabiru - Visitor Service Guide
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