The gold of this époque! Today Pine Creel has perserved some of the buildings of this period and some ancient mining equipment from the gold mines as well as the railway station, which is a veritable museum of the époque.

A small village at the intersection of the Stuart and Kakadu Highways.
Pine Creek was a part of the gold rush in this region.

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   Station Museum
The museum building was originally the home of the mining warden at Burrundie, later serving a variety of other functions.
It now displays objects that recall the rich cultural history of the area.


The Railway station was built in 1888 and served as a cooinications centre until 1976.
Historic photos maps and memorabilia depict the North Australia Railway.
The steam railway engine was constructed in 1877 at the Beyer Peacock and Co. Gorton foundry in Manchester. The steam engine ran froms the late 1800's to 1943 and to 1943 and could pull a 140 tonne load on its run from Darwin to Pine Creek. And if you wish to purchase a rivet from the railway…. why not? In the center of the village you’ll find a gas station with tourist information on the various sights of interest in the area.

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