Katherine Region
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 Katherine is located a bout 314km from Darwin.
A small town of a certain importance, despite its gorges, it is the biggest town between Darwin and Alice Springs.
Katherine is described as the tropical town in the Outback of the Northern Territory.
Its river, called the Katherine River after the town, offers a variety of choices for swimming, canoeing, and wilderness hiking, as well as promenades by bicycle.

The Stuart Highway crosses the city of Katherine, its crossroads for the Victoria River in the Gregory National Park, for Timber Creek, and for Bungle Bungle in the Purnululu National Park

   Nitmilux - National Park



•  Nitmilux National Park is located 30km from Katherine.
You can discover 13 gorges of which 9 are accessible by canoe. Or if you prefer hiking, their are 100km of trails, including the super Jatbula Trail, which connects Edith Falls to Nitmiluk Centre.
The Jatbula Trail is a 66km system of paths which takes about four or five days to explore completely, but is splendidly rich in natural wonders and it is well worth the visit to the fairytale landscape of this national park.

The Office of Parks & Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory will give you all the documentation and info on the park, its trails, camping, the flora and fauna, gorges or what have you. A museum exhibits information on the wildlife found in this park system and is located next to this office and can advise you.

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   Certain gorges or other river areas can be home to sweet water or sea crocodiles.

Prudence is called for before swimming or bathing.


          The  Southern  Walks  


The visitor the opportunity to explore the stunning Katherine Gorge system and surrounding escarpment.
To make your walk a pleasant one please follow these safety guidelines.

Nature Park
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•  Cutta Cutta Caves, located 27km from Katherine is a surprising sight with its mass of rocks, perforated with insect holes, which runs all along the entrance trail to the caves, which are 700m long and 15m deep.
   The caves were discovered in 1900 as well as during WW II.
They were first visited by a private tourist in 1967.
   The caves are believed to be 500 million years old!


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