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 On the Stuart Highway between Darwin and Katherine
   "BONROOK LODGE" The FRANZ WEBER FOUNDATION - CH-1820 Montreux - Ph:+41(0)21 964 42 84

Bonrook Lodge
An immense territory that spreads over 50,000 hectares of plain and valleys. Hundreds of horses live in total liberty here, crisscrossing the entire territory as they wish.
There is an excellent lodge here where you’ll find unmatched calm and beauty, an oasis of peace.
A variety of activities await you, from horseback riding to promenades through the territory made famous by the Swiss ecologist, Franz Weber.

The Franz Weber Foundation Is an international humane oprganisation founded in 1975, concerned with the protection of nature and animals worldwide.
Ever since 1975 it has been leading successful international campaigns to save animals, such as the campaign against the slaughter of baby seals in Canada, the massacres of migratiry birds and the cruel transports of horses in Europe, the massacres of black dolphins on the Faroe Islands, the inhuman transports of butchery animals across Europe, zthe massacre of the African elephant in Togo where the foundation runs an elephant and wild-life reserve of 2'000 km2.
Bonrook is the only place in Australia where visitors can watch wild horses living in freedom and security and discover their beauty and their secret ways an laws.

  An oasis of peace

All rooms: Air conditioned, ceiling fans, tea/coffee making facilities, own outside terrace with table/chairs.
Contact:  "BONROOK LODGE" The Franz Weber Foundation P.O. Box 195 - Pine Creek
Northern Territory 0847 Australia. Ph:+61(0)8 8976 1232.

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