D e v i l's   M a r b l e s

Scenic  Reserve

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Most of the Reserve is on an Aboriginal sacred site.
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An Aboriginal reservation or site encapsulating
the legends and history of man
and the Earth.

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Devilís Marbles. A reserve which contains astonishing balls of rock formed like almost perfect, polished spheres. These rocks are scattered in the park as though God had tossed them around in a game of marbles.
An astonishing landscape to discover.

The famous Devil's Marbles, one of the most significant geological features in the Northern Territoty, are 104 kilometres south of Tennant and span the highway covering a wide shallow valley.
According to Aboriginal dreaming, these sacred and mystical rocks are the fossilised eggs of the Rainbow Serpent. The hundreds of huge, rounded boulders, balanced precariously one on top of the other, varying in size from half a metre to over six metres owe their shape to millions of years of erosion. They're spectacular at any time of day but more particularly at sunrise and sunset.
You may take a walk along the interpretive path, simply clamber amongst the Marbles or take a tour from Tennant Creek.




At Wauchope Hotel

Just south of the marbles, there's a pub
and Caravan Park.

A simple bush camping area with fireplaces and pit toilets is located
at the southern end of the Reserve

Road trains
After the Devil's Marbles there are only a few places od interest on the trip south to Alice Springs.
On this transcontinental called Stuart Highway who unrolls his macadam on 3000 km of Darwin with Adelaïde. Famous trucks, called "Road train" followed from three to four trailers, drawn by a tractor been driven by an enormous V12 engine with 600cv, eighteen speeds with a consumption of 100 liters to the 100 km, 22 axles and 84 wheels on the ground, sometimes 100 meters of length, a maximum weight of 115 tons, for the cisterns up to 140 000 liters of oil.
To fill tank (some 2000 liters), before swallowing 3000 kilometers of at a stretch. The drivers roll day and night, seven days out of seven they are paid per hour, a quite difficult life with the overpowering heat which makes burst the tires.

You stop on the with dimensions one, to protect you from dust and from sand, the aspiration of the wind produced by the wheels of the trailers which unbalance you and you will find yourselves in the edge, and anybody to help you.
• If you are in the car, you should count one kilometer and more to double and inform it your going beyond by signals of fires and indicators…