OLD Telegraph Station "Alice Springs"

The Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve
Construction of the Telegraph Station began in November 1871.
• The telegraph operatot had to receive and repeat confidential messages - of births, deaths,
world news never gassiping about it, just quietly "reading".
The Morse code with his ears and "speaking" it with his fingers.

 Out on the Highway you will enjoy a feasr of sights and stories that take you back in time to the late 1800s, when hardy and courageous people opened up this amazing country. There are stories of the explorers and of the laying of the Overland Telegraph Line from Adelaide to Darwin, connecting Australia to the rest of the world. You will also read about the Afghan camel trains, golminers and pastoralistes we enjoy today.

The Alice Springs. Telegraph Statio was midway along the Overland Telegraph Line from Darwin to Adelaide which played a key role in Australia's development. Opened in 1872, the line suddenly reduced the isolation of Australians from the rest of the world.
The exchange of personal and business messages now took hours innsstead of the monthhs it previously took by sea. By 1900, this very isolated Station was home to a cook, a blacksmith-stockman, a govermess, four linesmen-telegraph operators plus the Station Master ans his family.

The boss and his family. The Station Master was a man of great importance. As well as beig in charge of the largest Station on the Telegrah Line, he ran the region's Post Office and was the government official responsible for Central Australian, he held court at the Station; he sold rations to travellers and he even acted as an emergency doctor, following instructions telegraphed from Adelaide!

Talking with the world. The Telegraph Office was the heart of the Station and it never stopped beating. It was constantly manned to allow for time differences between Australia overseas, but most importantly, to boost thr Morse code signals so they werw carried at full strengzh over the great distance of the Telegraph line.The instruments on the table are arranged as they would have been for an operator on duty.

The curved box ammplified an incoming signal's sound, in case the night shift operator was relaxing on the cowhide bunk which in summer was out on the verandah. You can see holes in the back wall where a Sydney-to-london telegrah message might enter on wires which run down grooved wooden insulators to the repeating instruments on the table. The repeated message then flowed this way along more wall-mounted wires to emerge above the verandah and continue northward, being repeated many more times belore reaching London.
The Post Office. Next door was more peaceful. Mail only arrived from. South Australia every six weeks and there were few people in the area to drop in with letters to post.

A first for Central Australia. This building, known as the barracks was the first major structure built in central Australia and in January 1872, the Station's first telegraph message was transmitted to Adelaide from here.

 Access  by vehicule, the Reerve is situated 4km north of Alce Springs along the Stuart Highway.

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Alice Springs & region

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