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ULURU- Kata Tjuta
    Uluru 19h08

The Rock' is 2.23 miles wide and towers 113 feet above the flat and desolate surrounding scrub.
It is believed that two-thirds of the Rock is still beneath the sand.

Cultural Centre
Ph:(08) 8956 3138.

 Visitors Centre - Ph:(08) 8957 7377.

a)  Visitors Centre, found next to the Desert Gardens Hotel.
 Information and local history, geological, wildlife, and botanical information also available. (Open 8:30am to 7.30pm).

b)  Tours and Information Centre, is a shop which groups the reservation offices for organized tours by the various tour operators found at Alice Springs.
 It is situated in the shopping center of the hotel complex.

At the interior of the Visitor Centre are a choice of boutiques, restaurants, shops specializing in hand-crafted items, the art of various Aboriginal artists representing the art of dreams or the reality of our modern times.

  itinerary - clik

From Kings Canyon to Ayers Rock (Uluru), you will take the Luritja Road to the intersection of the highway that will take you on to Ayers Rock Resort, a road that is covered with red dust

You like to walk?.. Made the Rise of Uluru a Rise of 1.600 km very hard, not to undertake if the weather Announces a temperature of 38°, at the top there is much wind. (the rise is prohibited of 10h with 16h).
  Turn of the rock 10 km, (if you have time, made the turn of the rock by yourself, but take a detailed booklet (5 Hand more).
  a recommendation: not to penetrate not on the grounds surrounded by barriers, this would be a sacrilege.




         Ayers Rock Resort Complexe

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• Anangu Tours - Ph:(08) 8956 2123.
• Uluru Motorcycle Tours - Ph: (08) 8956 2019.

 Tailormade Tours / Airport Limousines
  Ph:(08) 8952 1731
Website: www.ozemail.com.au/~tmade

For further information contact
the Australian Nature Conservation

Agency Bureau in your capital city
or PO Box 996 Alice Springs.