Get back on the Stuart Highway, which will take you to Port Augusta, by passing by Lake Hart.
A wide and monotonous road, nothing until arriving at Glendambo.
Just a few bushes and the brush from time to time.
I meet a flock of sheep, (be careful, they are close to the road and don’t move out of my way, they are at home!)

                 Here is an immensity of whiteness, Lake Hart, near Wirraminna, by the side of the Stuart Highway. After about 20km, descend to Adelaide and on your left is an automobile rest stop. From here you can admire the beauty of the lake changes appearance at every moment depending on the weather.

Take the authorized or official trails and paths which, after crossing over the railway lines, provides yet another beautiful landscape.
A salt water lake with, in the middle, vegetation typical of the red lands.
Incredible and fascinating landscapes.

Track, direction Port Augusta

  Lake Hart Bike       

  The time to take the photo and what else? It rains! Here the weather is terrible.
   A cold rain whips my face.
   I must admit that from the beginning of this trip the weather has played tricks on me, but that’s part of the adventure.