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              District Gouncil of Coober Pedy - Ph:(08) 8672 5298.
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The cosmopolitan townhip offers all the facilities expected in a large country town, including numerous opal shops, restarants and a variety of accommodation ranging from four star to backpackers and caravan/camping areas.

Population, The District Council of Coober Pedy estimales the population to be around 3,500 approximately 60% of the people are European, migrating from southern and eastern Europe after the second world war. In all, there are more than 45 nationalities represented which means that Coober Pedy has become one of the most sthnically diverse communities in South Australia, perhaps even Australia. Wedgetail Eagle

Opal was first discovered by Willie Hutchinson in 1915. Following this discovery settlement began and has subsequently developed into the modern country town of Coober Pedy. By 1916 more opal miners settled and after world War 1 returning soldiers started to drift here and introduced the unusual and unique method of living underground in "dugouts" The first opal claim was pegged on the 9th february 1915. Living conditions were harsh and the environment did not lend itself to easy living. Water and provisions had to be carted great distances and under very trying circumstances. Even with the introduction of very large underground water tanks things improved only marginally, the entitlement of water being only 24 gallons per week. The mining industry at Coober Pedy expanded rapily during the 1960's. Many European migrants arriving in Australia made their way here to make their fortunes. Today it lays claim to being one of the most ethnic communities in South Australia, indeed Australia, with approximately 45 nationalities being represented was well as a large percentage of Aboriginal people. Between March and November the weather is very pleasant. Typical of a semi desert climate, the days are warm but the desert nights are cold. From December to February the weather warms up and summer temperatures rangs from 35 C in the shade, with occasional dust storms. The annual rainfall in this area is minimal, at around 175mm (5 inches) per annum.

 Coober Pedy, with accomodated two turnings of famous films Mad max III and Priscilla, insane of the desert.

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 By Air
Kendell Airlines operate a daily service to and from Adelaide. Ansett on Ph: 13 1300
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The Gham train stops about 40km west of Coober Pedy to allow passengers to disembark, however transport from the rail siding to Coober Pedy must be specially arranged.
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As well as the major interstate compagnies, services within the state are provided by Premier Stateliner - Ph:(08)8415 5555.


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•  The Dog Fence
an impressive fence anti-nutcases which crosses Australia of is in west on 5 300 kilometers, protecting the sheep in the south from attack fatal nutcases who populate the savanna of north.

Peter, Konnie & Derek Rowes'
Unique Handthrown and Handbuilt stonewarw and Terracotta Pottery.