Opal Capital of the World
Coober Pedy


•  Opal is a form of silica, chemically similar to quartz, but containing water within the molecular structure.
Precious opal generally contains from 6-10% water and consists of small silica sheres arranged in a regular pattern.

•  Opal occurs in two varieties, precious opal and common opal (also known as potch)Colour in precious opal is caused by the regular array of silica sheres diffracting white light and breaking it up into the various colours of the spectrum.
The diameter and spacing of the spheres controls the colour range.

•  Opal colours also depend on the angle of light incidence and can change or disappear when the gem is rotated.
In common opal or potch, the silica sheres are irregular in shape and molecular structure and accordingly whitw light is unable to be diffracted and consequently there is no colour.

   The Desert Cave Hotel is an
   oasis in the desert.

The Olympic Australis' from Coober Pedy is said to be the world's largest piece of uncut precious opal and weighs 3,5 kilograms. Its name comes from the fact the piece was found in 1956, the year the Olympic Games were held in Melbourne, Australia.

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D E S E R T   C A V E

The World's Only Underground International Hotel
       Allows you to experience of a lifetime. Underground accommodation, shops, café,
bar and display areas - all within beautiful soft, natural sandstone surrounds.

the Must

 Reservations: Hutchison Street Coober Pedy Outback South Australia.
Postal Address - PO Box 223 Coober Pedy SA 5723. - Ph: +618 8672 5688.

reservations Only - 1800 088 521 -
Email - reserve@desertcave.com.au



   Underground Backpackers Inn & Underground Motel
Ph:(08) 8672 5223. - Free Call: 1800 633 891.

  RADEKA'S TOUR - Visiting: Crocodile Harry's Nest - Extensive Opal Mine Tour -
     The Dingo Fence - Historic Town Sites - Desert Golf Course - Fossicking for Opal -
     Underground church.

  Motel Rooms

Coober pedy has a lot to offer, but some experiences need to be lived. Underground living provides a tranauil, quiet atmosphere enabling you to relax in a totally stress free environment.
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Twin double / Four bed accommodation - linen provided - All Kitchen facilities - Free shower & toilet amenities - Large TV & Reading room - Free Tea & Coffee - Pool table - Internet /Email facilities - 10 meters underground - Opal discount to all guests - Backpackers information centre & Booking .
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Riba's Underground - Ph:(08) 8672 5614.