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 Mount Remarkable National Park
Is an arid wilderness of spectacular rugged ranges and deeps gorges.
Vehicular entry to the park is limited. Access is largely restricted to experienced.

 The Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park
Vast and dramaticallx beautiful area. It features a series of rugged mountain ranges, creeks lined with river red gums, hillsides covered with a patchwork of native pines and a sessonal abundance of wildflowers.

 Mount Brown Conservation Park
this former forest reserve comprises undulating country with a variety of cover grading to rugged ridges with open woodland and scrub. Mount Brown has a history of early sugar gum propagation for northern towns.


 Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary and Resort
The Arkaroola Wilderness sanctuary and Resort were establihed by reg Springg in 1968, taking over the old Arkaroola Station Lease. Covering 61,000 hectares, this privately owned conservation reserve protects many of the historic and geological highlights of the northern Flinders.

To help you see this wonderful part of Australia there is also a range of accommodation, special interest and educational exhibits including an astronomical observatory.

The region abounds with towering granite peaks; razorback quartzite ridges, slashed by precipitous gorges; creeks with cool, deep waterholes framed by stately Australian gum trees that are centuries old; more than 160 species of colourful native birds; the rare Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby and other Australian. Free call: 1800 676 042.

  Aboriginal Heritage
  The Aboriginal population Flinders Ranges.

Today, the Aboriginal people identify themselves as Adnyamathanha, Some stories and information have been lost with the passing of older members of the community while other secret information may soon be lost because male initiation traditions have stopped. The last full initiation took place in the late 1940s.
For a long time the Adnyamathanha lived at Ram Paddock in the very heart of the northern Flinders Ranges, but in 1935 the community was forced to leave Ram Paddock and move several miles east to nepabunna, Flat Rock'.
The houses st ram paddock have now gone, but it is still an important emotional and spiritual site for the people of the Ranges.

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Flora Mining

   Gammon Ranges National Park
Protection of Flora and Fauna
Dogs and firearms are not permitted in the park.

Is an area of rugged ranges, deep gorges and rives of rock.
Aboriginal legend tells of'Arkaroo' the giant serpent from the Adnyamathanha people's Dreamtime' slithering from the ranges down to the saline lakes to the Gammon Ranges he carved the deep sinuous gorge along the Arkaroola Creek.

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  Camping - Gammon Ranges.
No formal camping ground is located in the park, however there are suitable areas for bush.

  Camping  in Weetootla Gorge, at Grindell's Hut, Loch Ness, ltalowie Gorge and near Arcoona creek.
   Camping permits and visitor advice can be obtained from the National Parks and Wildlife Office in Hawker or from the Ranger at Balcanoona.

   Flora  &  Fauna -   faune  -  decouverte
 Winninowie Conservation Park
A boat ramps is available in the park. Observe the mangroves closely to gain an idea of why these communities are so important in the Spencer Gulf region.

  Telowie Gorge Conservation Park
Over immense time, Telowie creek has cut the spectacular Telowie Gorge through the south-western flank of the Flinders Ranges.