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 The Clare valley has an abndance of fine wineries, unique historial attractions, quality restaurants, galleries and a wide range of accommodation providers for both the discerning and casual visitor.
•  Itinerary   Sevenhill - Clare

 Sevenhill Cellars
College Road. Sevenhill SA 5453.
Ph:(08) 8843 4222.

   Clare Valley Visitor Centre - The Town hall 229, main North Road Clare SA - Ph:(08) 8842 2131.

  Clare a small and charming city with its main street and its famous Australian wines rich in history since 1840.
Discover Clare and its region.
• Wits its magnificent setting of breathtaking beauty, The Clare is ideal to discover on foot. Follow the Wine Trails, and you will enter quaint villages, come to typical taverns (pintes) and visit cosy wine Cellars (cave or caveau). Away from traffic and congestion, these are marked footpaths where the changing colors of vineyards, skies and waters will be your companion throughout the seasons.

Producteur, Designation, Cepag * Sevenhill Cellars St Aloysius White 1999
• Leasingham Classic Clare Cabernet Sauvignon 1994, et autres Domaine...
• Sevenhill Cellars Shiraz 1996 ...

  Founded in 1851 by the Jesuits who had emigrated to Australia following the persecutions of the époque. they established their community and called it Sevenhills Cellars, the oldest wine production in Australia, which also produces communion wines. While promenading through the grounds of their vineyard you will come across superb Catholic edifices and the church of Saint Aloysius.
The variety of grape called "Shiraz" is the most typical in Australia. Its surface of cultivation has multiplied by six in the last few years and now totals 16,000 hectares.
It is one of the oldest varieties of grape, probably originating in the province of Shiraz in Persia. A production of table wines, reds and whites.



•  Bike....
You can discover Clare Valley through its wine regions on mountain bike. Obtain "The Riesling Trail" brochure.

Its a super trip that begins in Clare and passes through Sevenhill, Penwortham, Watervale, Leasinghan, and Auburn over a distance of 27km.

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