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The Grampians
National Park - 167,100 ha

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Adelaide or Melbourne via
"The Grampians or Great Ocean Drive"
Naracoorte - Edenhope - Horsham - Stawell - Halls Gap - Dunkeld.


  Accessibles from the same carpark, these lookouts give awe-inspiring vuews of the Serra Range and Victoria Valley.

Facilities: Grampians National Park 167,100 ha, is the third largest in Victoria.
Its spectacular scenery, colourful displays of wildflowers and wide range of opportunities for outdoor recreation have also made it one of the State's most popular holiday destinations.

This park is home to almost a third of Victoria's plant species, and a large percentage of its animals.

Over two-thirds of Aboriginal art sites in Victoria are here, and Aboriginal people continue their strong association with the area (see Brambuk Living Cultural Centre notes) Historial sites include Heatherlie Quarry on the Mt Zero Road, the source of sanstone for Government House in Melbourne, and the Mafeking goldfield.


. national parks - Victoria

.  Grampians National Park Tours - Ph:(03) 5356 6221

.  Parks Victoria has about 10 camp sites in the park. (Permits cost $8.60,
    which covers one car and up to six people.

.  Action Adventures - Abseiling - Rockclimbing - Mountainbiking
   Canoeing - Caving

.  The Grampians Horse Riding Centre -
Ph:(03) 5383 9255

National parks allow camping in designated areas;with fees varying from park to park. In any national park or reserve special environmental and safety considerations apply. Many parks do not allow open fires, so campers will need to carry fuel stoves. Bushfires are a serious menace particularly during the summer months and fire ban warnings must be heeded.
Each state has its own independent national parks authority and several of these have produced guides which detail the facilities available in each park.


  The Grampians new batiment Eco-Hostel
    Cnr Buckler Street and grampians Road Halls Gap .3381 VIC.

  Caravan Parks - Ph:(03)5356 4251

  Camping, hiking, picnicking, sightseeing, driving, cycling, rock climbing - Ph:(053)56 4381.