National Park
  Mount Kosciuszko 2228m    

Is the highest top of all the Australian continent

   The state's largest national park 6900 sqkm,
includes caves, lakes, forest, ski resorts and Mt Kosciuszko



The Great Dividing Range, chains mountainous bordering the East coast of the continent, from the peninsula of York Cape until Tasmanie, separates the immense areas from the center and the west of those, green and fertile, of the Eastern coast, where are the most known cities and where the majority of the population concentrates.
All along the Cordillera, of vast zones of tropical jungle alternate with the wood of eucalytus, (the tree) which dommine in Australia with more than six hundred different species.

  Skiing & Ski Resorts
  The Australian Alps are



Charlotte Pass


•  Specialists include the Snowy Mountainss Reservation Centre - Ph:(03) 6456 2633.
•  Thredbo Resort Centre - Ph:(03) 6459 4294.
•  The Southern Alps Ski Club - Ph:(03) 6457 5223.

•  Thredbo YHA Lodge - Ph:(03 )6457 6376.