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An Adventure (Safari) in 4x4
In Flinders Ranges 4 days has (R)ecommander.
By this account, the photographs which I took and the films vidéos, are moments authority to pass in
the Australian bush.

 Water  has a great importance, never forget to take with you water and to envisage if you wish to remain, of the water reserves like cooking food.
 Caution!   Certaines Creeks is sprinkled, unfortunately water is unsuitable with consumption.

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   Departure of Adelaide, change of decoration. One morning of November we leave the city to insert us in the back-country.
After the noise and a few kilometers we are in a nature of a spectacular beauty, the landscape is with the measurement of canicular heats and a ground where the colors are degraded of red to the green. It is splendid!..

Preparation with the camp-site after one day extremely pleasant and tiring. The camp-site is allowed, where one finds several aired arranged camp-sites. Do not forget to take your waste with you when there are no dustbins.


   National Parks and Wildflife South Australia says the spirit of good camping is to leave as little impact on the land as possible. It is vital you remove all your rubbish.
Firewood is now a major issue in the Outback little exists and it is very slow to regenerate.
It also plays an important part in land ecosystems.
If a fire is important, consider taking wood from home. The best thing is to use a gas stove for cooking.

Infos: Arkaroola Wilderness & Sanctuary - Ph:(08) 8648 4848.

  A request for licence to camp is obtained from Infos Tourism where Park National.
   The campfires are prohibited because of the ecosystem of the flora and fauna.
    Installations are arranged in the sites of camp-sites. The majority of the roads and tracks to reach to Flinders Ranges are broad and practicable according to seasons', certain tracks can be found flooded after the rain.
    To remain on the tracks, a Jeep where a vehicle 4x4 is the ideal to discover, Flinders Ranges.

 It is necessary to know! you do not embark without taking its precautions

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The unbelievably beautiful,almost unreal Sturt's Desert Pea is just one of the many varieties of spectacular widflowers.